• Check in time is 4 p.m. Check out time is 10 a.m.  ETA is appreciated.the-king
  • Pets are welcome with rules. Of coarse the  $10 per day per animal is for the extra time needed for the extra cleaning involved. We also ask please do not bring large dogs or dogs with a tendency to bark a lot, with the respect to our other guests in mind, and we also understand that they’re going to bark from time to time, our Dutchess lets us know when someone new just pulled in from time to time!    Your required to leash your pets when needed be, depending on the other guests and the nature of the pet, and please clean up after them at all times!!  Pooper  Scooper available on sight with woods across the road for disposal, and trails for walking them are right across the road.
  • Please respect all other guests, please quite by 11p.m.
  • Please bring beach towels for use outside, we provide 10 towels per cabin for the week! We can replace your used towels for$1.00 each with wash cloth and with the return of your used ones.
  • Please no unattended children on the water, some life vests available for children.
  • Dumpster is provided, please place all trash  in it before departing for home.
  • PLEASE, no smoking  in our  cabins, ashcans and fire pits outside that you can’t miss , PLEASE no butts on the grounds or in our lake! THANK YOU!!
  • If you are using one of our boats, please follow all Michigan boating laws.  Life vests available. Motor rental also available.
  • We have a fish cleaning station and ask to put fish scraps in bucket for owner to take away.